Appel à Candidature – Comment participer au forum mondial de la langue française?

Tu as entre 18 et 35 ans (ou pas) et tu rêves de concrétiser une idée, un projet créatif et innovant? Alors la suite peut t’intéresser!

Comment participer au forum mondiale de la langue française qui aura lieu entre le 20 et le 23 juillet 2015, en Belgique? …

“Ne laissez pas passer votre chance, créAtivez vous, et concretisons les en Français!”

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#MyAfricanStartup 2014: Ultimate guide

My African Start Up 2014 is a full-day conference, roundtables and workshops dedicated to #startup and future business angels, organised by the African Development Bank Group, HEC and Ampion.

But… do you know when it starts, where it takes place, how to get there, where to get tickets or which hashtags to use? No…Well I have the answers for you!

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BEST14 – Social media and statistics

The #BEST14 is a summer e-school, organized by the digital agency – E-voir, which happens every year in Cote d’Ivoire, and reunites local and international influencers on a specific high tech thematic.

This year, it happened in Bonoua between the 4th and the 6th of September with the theme being “Internet for all, why is it important?” 

Instead of simply telling you what happened there, and as a community manager, I will take the data angle and give you an overview of what happened during the #BEST14… on social medias!

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