The #BEST14 is a summer e-school, organized by the digital agency – E-voir, which happens every year in Cote d’Ivoire, and reunites local and international influencers on a specific high tech thematic.

This year, it happened in Bonoua between the 4th and the 6th of September with the theme being “Internet for all, why is it important?” 

Instead of simply telling you what happened there, and as a community manager, I will take the data angle and give you an overview of what happened during the #BEST14… on social medias!

The tools

But first, just for you, here is a list of awesome tools that were used:

  • Ubervu (paid): thorough analysis of demographics
  • Topsy (free): hashtag tracker, top influencers, number of tweets etc…
  • Social bro (free trial available for 2 weeks): amazing twitter analytics tool
  • LinkTally (free): how many times was a link shared on google+, facebook, twitter & LinkedIn
  • TweetReach (free): twitter statistics
  • KeyHole (free): hashtag tracking

The data

  • Links associated to the event & number of social media shares







Mobile app


  • Gender


More than ½ of the messages came from women’s accounts! #WomenInTech #GirlsOnly #MysTic

  •  Hashtag tracker (#BEST14)


One can clearly see that the hashtag was at its peak during the days of the event, great sign!

  •  Top contributing countries (geographical distributions)


I still find it strange that Japan was one of the countries listed, but it’s great to be able to have such diverse following!

  • Languages


No surprises here!

  • Sentiment


The 6% negative can be attributed to the twitter conversation that happen with MTN about their slow internet connection

  • Top platforms used


Twitter, being one of the most mobile platform was overwhelmingly more used than Facebook or YouTube. One must remember that twitter is great for conversations whereas Facebook is more static, it’s more of a sharing platform. In the community manager sphere, before using a social media platform, you must clearly define why you need it.

  •  Daily exposure 

On average, the #BEST14 could touch 774 000 accounts, it doesn’t mean all of them read the messages but that their accounts were reached. At peak time, this exposure went up to 1 933 965!

  • Conversation map – Keywords


For all of you that were at the #BEST14, what impact did it have on your social media channels (aka: how many new followers were gained thanks to the exposure)?

We cannot complain about what they think of us until we start telling them about us.

A bientôt,

– Sarah C.