A lot of the answers given to this question is not adapted anymore (like this or this) – simply because the “export” (here) button on the Facebook event page is gone!  Here is Why & How to do it!

But first… Why do this? Once you are able to export your Facebook calendar, you can synch it to your Gmail calendar and/or to your upcoming event calendar on your blog – no need to add events manually anymore!

And now…How to do it?


  • Click on any events on your calendar, that you had joined before – for instance, the Code Barre’s Drop it like it’s hot’s partyby the way, this is an awesome club!
  • Go to the right of the page click on the “….”



  • A pop up screen should appear – with your email and a longer link below. That link is the URL that will allow you to export your calendar. It’s the link you can paste in your Google calendar!


And if you want to find out about the other cool things you can add to Google calendar, check out the Lifehacker’s article


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