We share African stories – what’s happening, where the cool spots are, how to find the perfect jobs & how to research anything on the continent. We talk about all-things data and information, and while we cover all of Africa, we focus on Côte d’Ivoire.

About Me

Sharing the best of Abidjan, and providing corporate intelligence and investigation services across Africa, to help people & companies manage change, mitigate risks, resolve dispute or grasp new opportunities

Who am I

I love connecting people, I talk a lot and I often find myself meeting incredible people in public transports.

I am a self-starter, at the crossroad of Corporate Intelligence, Investigation, Business Operation and Strategy, with a focus on all-things data and digital. Accountants are my best friends and I think we are not told enough about the importance of lawyers and notaries.

I have a deep love for research. For my masters, I analyzed how Ivorian citizens’ digitally responded to the last political crisis. I also explored the inherent racism and weaknesses of a predictive policing software in the USA.

I have lived in 8 countries and speak 3 languages, and I find human behavior captivating. I am fascinated by the process of giving birth, and any crime scene investigations. I hope to one day study genocides, and I dream of doing a PHD in any social sciences.

I love discussing the concept of identity and I think everyone should see a therapist at least once in their lives.

My loved ones would describe me as resourceful and caring, and I would describe them as blessings. My weaknesses are driving people back home, collecting recommendations from social media, analyzing comments on Facebook, asking people to share their life stories and reading books very fast.

I think it’s a privilege to be born Ivorian.

My journey

I studied Finance and Business at the University of Sussex in Brighton. I began my career at the West African Central Bank (BCEAO), as an intern in the monetary and financial analysis department in Abidjan, before joining the World Bank Group in Washington DC, and the African Foundation for Innovation in Zurich, as a specialist in strategic communication.

I then worked with my family’s company in Abidjan, on thematics pertaining to of the use of technology related to process optimization, sales, and communication.

Following my master’s degree at the London School of Economics and Political Science (London), I moved to Toronto to work with a private equity fund, as an associate in Strategy, Operations & Business Analytics. After a year, I decided to join Kroll, the world leader in risk management, as a consultant in Economic Intelligence & Investigation.

Since November 2020, I moved back to Abidjan and I am now working in corporate intelligence, investigation, and risk management in Côte d’Ivoire.

Why reach out

Do you need research of any type – whether it is a list of suppliers, a list of events happening, or the best spots in town? Contact me.

Do you need investigations, market analysis, business and strategic intelligence services, monitoring solutions or risk management advisory? Reach out.

Do you need support with reputation management, due diligence or people and asset tracing? Call me.

If you need need help managing change, mitigating risks, resolving dispute or finding new opportunities, across Africa, I can help you.

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