Where are the hubs in Africa and what are they up to?

Where are the hubs in Africa? the best 2 answers:

Here: The World Bank, iHub Research and BongoHive did a great job with this static map of African tech hubs, even though Ovillage,  Muzinda HubJoziHub and Hypercube Hub or even “Mwasi Tech Hub” (founded by Marieme Jamme and Lorence Kabasele, in the DRC) are missing from their list.

Here: BongoHive has a collaborative digital map of African Tech Hubs, Innovation Hubs & Hackerspaces, which I personally think is more complete.

…but what happens if you wanted to know what are the hubs in Africa up to?

You don’t have to follow them all and get on your newsfeed too many information, but you could follow this amazing Facebook interest list “Hubs in Africa” – which so far aggregate contents from 57 hubs, with more to come!

We cannot complain about what they think of us until we start telling them about us.

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– Sarah C.